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The Silver Story --- Silver Dollars, Silver Granules and Silver Certificate Collection (Treasure Album Dist.)

A set of coins and currency, with the unique addition of actual silver granules, encased in a black plastic folding wallet, with a Series 1957 $1 Silver Certificate in Uncirculated condition. The set also includes a Morgan silver dollar and a Peace Silver Dollar dates vary.

This treasure album represents a look at a bygone era, a time when the average U.S. citizen could reach into his  pocket and get a silver coin. June of 1968 will always be remembered as the official time when Uncle Sam decreed that his silver certificates were no longer redeemable for silver. The tiny drops of silver granules which a citizen could get only by traveling to the San Francisco or New York Assay Office were his redemption fulfillment. No mail transactions were allowed so the number of redeemable certificates were minimal until the dealer in silver got into the story. By offering a bonus ranging from 50 percent for a certificate, the dealers were able to redeem many millions of the bills. In turn, they got bars of silver and then resold them for a minimal profit in a fluctuating market.

Silver was sold by the Treasury at an official rate of $1.29999 per ounce. As the stockpile lessened, the restrictions against unlimited purchases were placed into effect and only legitimate holders of a necessary use certificate were allowed to buy at the very low price. The outside market price ran as high as 75 percent above the government supported figure. The bars were sold as fast as they were offered and prices and offerings for silver certificates varied from day to day during the last few months of the silver certificate redeeming period.
The silver dollar was also in the public's eye from a hectic day in 1964 when demand forced the Treasury to limit the coins as the cash window, where they had been available for face value.  Coin collectors and the general public soon realized that the coins were no longer to be had in exchange for paper dollars and the demand began to escalate. Even the Las Vegas gambling casinos were forced to eliminate the use of the standard silver coin and substituted a metal token to prevent their supply from disappearing. The silver dollars are now only seen in collections and exhibits.

But no matter the history of the silver dollar, its aide in circulation - the certificate or the granules - the story of silver is vital to every American because it represents a change in viewpoint by official Washington. The currency of the U.S., no longer tied to gold since 1933, is now almost gone from any ties to silver. The student of economics of tomorrow will know the truth of the policy change. Was it for the best or was it an inflationary act? He will always look at this package and its contents and relish the thought that his general and silver were synonymous.

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