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One of the most important ways we grow our business is through testimonials. These are just brief notes from sellers describing how the transaction went, satisfaction level, etc. Did we do everything we said we would? Did we pay quickly? Did we keep in touch along the way? These testimonials from other sellers are intended to provide feedback and help you make the decision to deal with us. We do not provide any contact information on our "testimonials page" (for privacy reasons). Many of our sellers are repeat customers and would be happy to allow you to contact them. Just ask.


2nd Markets was wonderful to work with. I had no idea how to go about selling items that I inherited and was nervous about doing this transaction online and through the mail. 2nd Markets made me a great offer. Shipping was easy and payment was made promptly. I would definitely recommend and use them again if I ever have the chance. Thank you!

19 Sep, 2023 Kim Cunningham
Glendale, New York

2nd Markets went above and beyond to assure a fair price and quick service. Thank you.

18 Sep, 2023 Daniel Meyer
Louisville, Kentucky

I came across these old coins I inherited decades ago when doing some life organizing. Ebay said they were worth something, but it didn't seem like that route would actually lead to a sale. Went to a coin shop and they just wanted to pay me to melt them down for their silver. When I found 2nd Markets, they sent me a quote within days that took into account the value of the memorabilia, not just the silver from which they were made, more than it looked like I would get anywhere else. They were easy to communicate with, detailed in their instructions, and facilitated the shipping for free. As soon as they received the merchandise, they paid me immediately. 2nd Markets is easy, trustworthy, and reliable. Would happily go to them again!

18 Sep, 2023 Alex Riad
New York, New York

A pleasure doing business with 2nd Markets! A smooth transaction from start to finish, including prompt payment. Highly recommend.

07 Sep, 2023 Sally C.
Ashland, Oregon

Trustworthy, timely...a great experience.

08 Aug, 2023 Brywn Philips
Green Mountain, North Carolina

I was skeptical to do business online, but rest assured 2nd Markets made this transaction smooth. From the fast appraisal, to the payment within 1 day of delivery, I could not have asked for a better experience. A+ to the Warrens and 2nd Market

11 Jul, 2023 Peter O
Boston, Massachusetts

THIS WAS A FLAWLESS TRANSACTION! they communicated every step of the way and made this sale easy, professionally handled and top notch. I highly recommend this company without any hesitation.

23 Jun, 2023 Ellen F
Bay Shore, New York

It was the first time I have sold anything online. I saw on the website that they wanted the collection I had. I was very insecure about negotiating and selling online and not face to face. I did some research and found nothing but positive reviews. So I decided to take the plunge. I was very happy with my experience with him. Jon walked me through everything that I needed to do. The entire transaction went very smoothly. I will certainly deal with him again the next time I have coins to sell.

10 May, 2023 Joan Lange
St. Louis, Missouri

What a pleasure to deal with Jon and Margaret at 2nd Markets. To be honest, I had reservations of how the transaction would transpire, but kudos to them both for this seamless, fair and easy sale. Thanks.

09 May, 2023 Stephanie Richards
Broomall, Pennsylvania

The whole process was great from start to finish. They offer good prices, have a smooth process, and pay quickly after they receive your items. Overall, 10/10 and I plan on doing business with them again.

27 Apr, 2023 Sir William Billingsly
Sylva, North Carolina

Dealing with 2nd Market was so easy. They gave a fair offer, paid for shipping and communicated the entire way through the process. We are pleased to say that we received our check in a very timely manner. We will definitely use them again.

24 Apr, 2023 Sharon Hogan
El Reno, Oklahoma

Thank you 2nd Market's for making our business transaction very simple and easy. It was great to do business with such friendly and reputable people.

21 Apr, 2023 Don Redding

2ndmarkets has been very easy to work with. They are quick to respond and very professional. Shipping was easy and I feel as though I got a great deal. It’s refreshing in today's world to have quality service

21 Apr, 2023 Kathy K
Huntington Beach, California

Process was quick and easy. All done via email. Sent 2nd Markets a list of what I had to sell. Price offered was reasonable and accepted. Once accepted, received instructions for shipping and printing shipping label. 2nd Markets notified me when the items arrived and check for the items was in my hands a few days later. Would use them again.

21 Apr, 2023 Dennis Griffin
Lansing, Michigan

My first experience selling collectibles to 2nd markets. I found Jon & Margaret easy to work with and they provided an excellent service with timely payment.

21 Apr, 2023 Gary Schaefer
San Anselmo, California

I just want to say that I worked with 2nd markets and they were great to work with. They communicate with you through the whole process and they are prompt with payment. I would certainly work with then again if the need arises.

16 Mar, 2023 Daryl Otten
Audubon, Iowa

Flawless Transaction! Quote, Shipped, Received, Payment, that easy!

10 Mar, 2023 Jeff McCauslin
York, Penssylvania

Very easy to sell my coins, payment the next day. Answered all my questions right away. Called me back immediately after I phoned them.

03 Mar, 2023 Bruce Weiser
Richmond Virginia

A very interesting and enjoyable experience, thanks to Jon … he was very professional and went the extra mile to take care of my late husband’s knife collection. He made two trips to get the knives; from Nashville to South of Atlanta…very tiring but he was determined to get it done. My husband loved those knives and I know they are now being well taken care of…thanks, 2nd Markets!

24 Feb, 2023 Eileen Geurts
Jackson, Georgia

I am happy I found 2nd markets when I was trying to sell a Case knife collection from my brother's estate. Once I contacted them they replied quickly. I ended up shipping the collection and they paid the shipping fee. Within a day of receiving the knives, 2nd markets evaluated them and made a good offer. I accepted that offer and I was paid electronically that same day. Very positive experience.

24 Feb, 2023 Kevin McGunagle
Farmington, Michigan

It was a pleasure to deal with 2nd Markets. Very smooth transaction, great communication and fast payment. Highly recommended.

09 Feb, 2023 Horacio Lo Prete
Key Biscayne, Florida

I rarely give reviews for product/service but do when they are quite positive and in the case of 2nd Markets, exceptional! Being an occasional collector of coins and in the past, baseball cards, I was always apprehensive about looking for an outlet to sell because of the great unknown out there so I have never attempted to sell. UNTIL NOW with a rather eye catching ad describing their interest in collectibles AND quick responses AND their pride in reviews and their standing with the BBB and collectors. 2nd Markets responds quickly and in an unhaggling manner fairly! To those who might be considering relinquishing their collections because of age, interest or lack of heirs (like me), look no further.

17 Jan, 2023 Rob Lind
Newbury Park, California

I am happy that I came across 2nd Market while looking for a place to sell silver and other items from my father’s estate. They were quick to reply with an offer when I sent them a description of some silver and gold collectibles, and they offered a good price, along with paying for the shipping cost to them. After researching their capabilities I accepted the offer and sent them the items. They promptly sent me payment in the mail. The rep I was dealing with was very helpful and quick to return emails, and provided answers to my questions about how they determine their offer prices for silver. There were no fees or commissions involved in our transaction. I am very happy with them and am going to sell them several more items.

27 Dec, 2022 Al Shannon
Houston, Texas

They made it very easy to get my father’s fountain pens evaluated and soon to be back into other collectors hands. They paid for shipping and provided insurance and turned around their evaluation quickly and offered a fair price. Great company for moving collectables.

31 Oct, 2022 Mark Baker
Sykesville, Maryland

Dealing with 2nd Market was very easy. They were pleasant, reliable and gave me a better price than I could get locally.

01 Sep, 2022 June Brown
Bend, Oregon

We were very satisfied with 2nd Markets. The response time was excellent for quotes/questions/instructions. We were pleased with the professional manner of doing business and felt the price we were given was fair. We would definitely do business with this company again and would recommend to others.

08 Jun, 2022 Paul & Brenda Willard
Ellijay, Georgia

Excellent service, did exactly what they said they would do, quick payment.

26 Apr, 2022 Robert Martin

My first sale out of a collection I bought from my father over 30 years ago. 2nd Markets made the process simple and efficient. Great communication, quick payment, it really couldn’t have been easier! Thanks Jon Warren, you guys are real Pros !

14 Apr, 2022 George Jurkovich
Bonita Springs , Florida

Such a fantastic company to work with, from start to finish. I would highly recommend them!!

21 Mar, 2022 Christine
Montauk, New York

This is my first experience selling online and was a very good experience.

16 Mar, 2022 Gerard
Katy, Texas

2nd Markets was very professional, helpful and timely. I feel I received a fair price for my goods from them. I would definitely recommend them to anyone.

12 Feb, 2022 Judy Yoakum
St. Augustine, Florida

This transaction was the second time I've used 2nd Markets. Each step was a pleasure! They make the process simple from start to finish. No tricks just honest business. Thank you 2nd Markets!

22 Jan, 2022 Herman Alzamora
Lorton, Virginia

A pleasure to do business with this company as they did all they indicated they would and more in a very timely manner (considering the Covid times we all live in today). Will continue to work with them.

13 Jan, 2022 Michael Jones
Gig Harbor, Washington

Selling to 2nd Markets was incredibly easy. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed by the prospect of selling some silver coins, but 2nd Markets made the process as pleasant and efficient as possible. I received a very fair bid via email, and then all I had to do was box up the coins and take them to FedEx. I would highly recommend doing business with 2nd Markets. My experience was fast, easy, and very pleasant.

13 Dec, 2021 Megan King
New Orleans

Very highly recommended. Excellent knowledge of the markets, excellent communication, and very fast processing at every step.

10 Dec, 2021 Curt Frueh
Charlotte, North Carolina

I was very satisfied and impressed with the service and interaction with 2nd Markets. They were very prompt and timely with responses to questions and offer as well as clear directions on how to complete the sale. Turnaround time from mailing and receiving my check was very quick. I would definitely recommend them to anyone with treasures to sell.

13 Oct, 2021 D. Gill
Rochester, Minnesota

2nd Markets was a great company to work with. They did everything they said they were going to do in a timely manner. I would highly recommend them

20 Aug, 2021 Lillian Mooradian
N. Myrtle Beach, South Carolin

A pleasure doing business with 2nd Markets. They are so professional and using them could not have been easier.

30 Jun, 2021 Rochelle Fisher
Highland Park, Illinois

2nd Markets has been great to work with. No problems or issues and received payment quickly after shipping to them. Would highly recommend working with them and will do so again in the future.

25 Jun, 2021 Kevin Lancy
Macedonia, Ohio

At a time when the words, Honesty, Fairness, Truth and Integrity are disappearing from our collective vocabulary, dealing with Jon Warren restores my belief in the essential goodness of most people. I received from him a prompt and fair offer for my collection of Franklin Mint medals and assorted, circulated silver coins. Upon receipt of them and true to his word, Mr. Warren promptly paid the agreed upon price and offered numerous ways of receiving payment. I would not hesitate for a second in dealing again with Mr. Warren !!

03 Jun, 2021 Ed Cantrall
Danbury, Connecticut

2ndMarkets was a delight to work with! Responses were prompt, instructions could not have been more clear and our business was concluded smoothly and sooner than expected. I would highly recommend this company.

27 May, 2021 Marie Ostrander
Wheaton, Illinois

Selling to 2ndMarkets.com was a very simple and hassle free experience. I firmly recommend doing business with Jon, as liquidating some items I had no more need of was an easy experience. I received payment promptly once the item was delivered and inspected.

15 Apr, 2021 Omar
Sparks, NV

I had a positive experience in selling some sterling flatware to 2nd Markets. They had easy to understand instructions on how to describe the items I had to sell. They had a prompt and courteous reply to my email that listed the items. They made a reasonable offer stating a range that they would pay for the items. They gave me easy to understand instructions on how to ship the items for an appraisal with a specific offer for the items. They paid for shipping. Their offer was fair. Final payment was prompt. It was an overall pleasant experience.

26 Mar, 2021 Marvin Rogers
Heiskell, Tennessee

I found 2ndmarkets on line when searching for somewhere to sell my pen collection. From my first communication with Jon to conclusion it was fantastic. Quick response to emails, free shipping to them, clear correspondence from Jon managing expectations etc. Fair price offered and payment received less than 24 hours after accepting offer. Highly recommended.

24 Mar, 2021 B. Kenny
Fairfield, Connecticut

I found 2nd Markets a joy to work with. I would highly recommend them in you have collectables that are cluttering up your home and you need a little cash.

22 Mar, 2021 Marie
Pahrump, Nevada

I just have to say this has been the best selling experience I have ever had! Mr. Warren has been great and on it. If I emailed or texted Mr. Warren he got right back to me. I will for sure recommend anyone to 2ndmarkets they are amazing!!

17 Mar, 2021 Joy Michaelis
Torrance, California

My experience with 2nd Markets was quick and easy and they were pleasant to deal with. Their offer was fair and I hope to sell to them again.

10 Mar, 2021 Jean Howe
Langley Washington

Super speedy, professional and fair! Highly recommend Jon and his team!

04 Mar, 2021 R. Miller
Williamsburg, Virginia

I have had three transactions with Jon Warren at 2nd Markets over the last two years. Each one has been excellent. He is professional, knowledgeable, timely, and offers fair prices. Yes, as he says on his web page, you will probably get more if you sell it yourself on eBay. Time is money in my book. What would have taken me weeks on eBay took a few hours working with Jon. I highly recommend 2nd Markets.

19 Feb, 2021 Tom Schwartz
Williamsburg, Virginia

Jon at 2nd Markets was quick to respond and offered a fair price and paid for the shipping. I received my check in a timely fashion and I wouldn't hesitate to work with him again.

04 Feb, 2021 Steve Holroyd
Novato, California


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